July 27, 2010

Man, Real Life has been nuts this past year. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it’s starting to settle back down into normal insanity. I’ve actually managed to start getting back on track writing-wise and am slogging through edits of my ex-Army guy / twinky college student novel (2008’s nanowrimo product – yeah, I’m a little behind). I have one major change left to work in; the rest is all minor continuity issues and proofing for grammar.

Hot Summer Nights, my Jersey life guard story (started BEFORE “Jersey Shore,” thank-you-very-much) is finished and awaiting revisions, as is my unnamed 2009 nanowrimo project. Apparently, I only work under insane deadlines, since it took me four years to finish HSN, but I pulled off nano two years running with fairly decent first-draft results.

Now, I need to get working on some shorter pieces and figure out what comes next.

Beyond that, we’re getting ready to tear out the rest of our blackberries to make room for a greenhouse. Buried in the blackberries are one old, rotting shed, a 55-gallon drum (which could be empty or filled with something scary), and an old bathtub. We bought the house in the summer of ‘03 and the shed was literally covered in blackberries; when everything died back in the fall, we discovered our surprise bonus structure. Fun times!

(Almost) Half-way there

November 16, 2009

My "official" nano halfway mark is in a little over an hour; at this rate, I’m roughly 6,000 words behind but can still finish if I write an average of 2,000 words a day for the next two weeks. A lot, but not unattainable. Write or Die helped me get close to 4,000 words this evening alone!  

19572 / 50000

Write a novel in a month?!?

November 7, 2009

You will not beat me, nanowrimo.


6740 / 50000

And so it begins…

November 2, 2009

Nanowrimo 2009. I’m late getting started, but I have the day off so catching up shouldn’t be too much of an issue. I have my plot, a one-page summary, and lots of coffee.

I’m also trying out Windows Live Writer so I can cross-post between LJ and WordPress.

502 / 50000

Is this necessary?

October 6, 2009

I was going to post about the publishing world’s new gimmick product last week but never got around to it. It’s a Vook, an electronic book with video clips.  So far, there are 4 vooks available – two novels, an exercise book, and a beauty guide book. I can see the usefulness for exercise and other how-to books – maybe – but for novels? Do we really need to pause in our novel-reading to watch a video clip?

Isn’t part of the point that reading involves the reader’s interpretation of what’s on the page? If we’ve already declared the author to be dead (i.e., the author’s intent is irrelevant to the reader’s experience), is the videographer now also dead? Or does the interpretation provided by the video clips become the canonical interpretation?

What’s new?

August 2, 2009

What’s new, you ask? My new Sip, Overtime, was just published by Torquere Books; I have to say, I love the blurb:

Jerry loves his job as a real estate developer, loves it down to the sawdust and the nails. On weekends, when he’s alone and the site is quiet, Jerry comes to wander the half-finished buildings, to marvel at the changes that occurred in the week, and to appreciate — in his own way — all the things he loves about the work. When a very attractive employee shows up unexpectedly, Jerry has to face facts: he’s busted. Good thing for Jerry he might not be the only one interested in putting in a little overtime.

Meanwhile, I’m wrapping up the day job for my two-week vacation, most of which will be spent in New Jersey, writing porn, er romantic fiction. Featuring hot guys. Having sex. Also, hanging out hanging out on the Boardwalk (me, not the hot guys) trying to win cute baby Mets gear for my new niece who I’ll get to meet for the first time.

Let’s see, what else? I have the office almost completely set up now, so that should help the productivity. My friend Rob, who’s an artist, is working on creating business cards for me.

We’re kegging a new beer  – a cherry porter named Black Forest III (and by "we" I mean me sitting on the couch typing this entry watching Bill through the doorway). Black Forest II was brewed in June 1997, so this was well overdue, considering it’s a great recipe.

And I’m setting up RSS feeds on Google Reader to try (once again) to find a convenient, all-in-one-place way to follow the blogs / livejournals / news sites that I follow.

One of my other goals for this week (along with packing and buying new shorts) is to finally set up my page on GLBT Bookshelf page.

And now – back to writing!

I just sent in the contract for my second Sip with Torquere. No publication date yet, buy yay me! Now I just need to finish up one of the longer pieces I’m working on. Damn time management.