“We had senior English together. I used to watch you when you weren’t looking. You spent a lot of time drawing in your notebook, didn’t you?”

Cory was surprised. Jeff used to watch him? “You noticed that? Why?”

Jeff’s grin got bigger. “Because you were different and you didn’t seem to be afraid to be yourself.” Jeff paused, cheeks pinking. “And because you’re hot.”

Cory stared at him. “What?”

“What?” Jeff echoed. “You don’t think the jock can have a crush on the goth kid?”

Cory was just stunned. “Really? That’s…” Cory wasn’t sure what to say. “I used to go to your games,” he blurted out.

“I know. I saw you in the bleachers. It gave me all kinds of fantasies.”

Cory felt like his world was tilting. Jeff had a crush on him? All while Cory had been secretly lusting after Jeff and going to dozens of basketball games just to watch Jeff run around and get sweaty?

Cory smiled. Christmas break was definitely looking up.

“Yeah? I thought you might think it was weird if you knew I was going to your games. You know, ’cause I was the weird school goth.”

If Cory wasn’t watching so closely, he might not have realized that Jeff had moved closer. “Well, I was a little surprised you were a basketball fan.”

Cory found himself returning Jeff’s smile. “Just because I can’t play sports doesn’t mean I don’t like to watch. Besides, it was fun to watch you get all intense.”

“Yeah? Cool. Can I kiss you now?”

Cory almost moaned. “Yes, please.”

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