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Hearts & Cake


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Bailey and Curt have been dating for almost three months. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but a case of nerves causes Bailey to wait until the last minute to invite Curt for dinner. Curt’s less than enthusiastic response isn’t what Bailey was hoping for. Frustrated by Curt’s mixed signals, Bailey finally pushes Curt to decide if he can balance his career and his love life.

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Home for Christmas


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To make up for his aborted Thanksgiving trip, Curt travels to Chicago to spend Christmas with his family, but even the whirlwind of activity can’t keep him from missing Bailey. Once he’s back home, he invites Bailey for a quiet dinner, which leads to a lusty reunion. Is Curt alone in thinking this is the start of something special, or was Bailey missing him, too?

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The Night Before Thanksgiving


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Bailey occasionally fills in as a substitute bartender at his friend’s airport bar as a favor. He strikes up a conversation with Curt, a professor on his way to a family Thanksgiving in Chicago. They hit it off, and make plans to meet up after the holiday, but when the flight is delayed and then canceled, Bailey jumps at the chance to move up the timetable. He invites Curt back to his place for a drink and more, but he has the feeling this is more than a one-night stand. Will Curt feel the same?

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Fourth of July Fireworks

Cherry Bombs & Firecrackers cover

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Matt and Christian from Where You Least Expect It are back! It’s Fourth of July and Christian wants to go to the fireworks show; Matt’s hot and bothered and wants to stay home. Christian promises to make it up to him later and they head off to the park to watch things explode. Christian might be focused on the fireworks, but Matt’s still focused on Christian. Lucky for them, the night is chilly and no one looks twice when they cuddle under a blanket. Even luckier, no one can see what Matt’s hands are doing to Christian.

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Summertime Blues – Scoring Anthology


Summertime Blues is available as a stand-alone ebook or as part of the Scoring Anthology.

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Adam’s on the road with the minor league baseball team as equipment manager; Will’s flying all over the country dealing with one client after another. They haven’t seen each other in weeks, and the strain is starting to show. Adam’s getting crankier by the day, and his teammates are trying to avoid him. On a trip to Atlanta, Will meets Darren, a handsome, aggressive businessman who’s more than willing to overlook Will’s relationship status if Will is. Could more weeks away from his lover lead Will astray or will he find a way to reconnect with Adam?

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Test Subjects


Test Subjects in the Weird Science Anthology

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Welcome to the world of Weird Science, the strange marries with gay romance to produce eight stories that combine humor, the paranormal and love.

My story Test Subjects, An ESP project introduces grad student Evan to sexy professor Marcus, but an equipment glitch may lead to more than they bargain for.

Here’s the full blurb:

Doctor Tentacles and the Pheromone Incident by Elizabeth Brooks shows Carter playing the mad scientist, Dr. Tentacle, but no one draws his eye — or his nose — like the new intern, David. In Frog, Kiernan Kelly presents George, a college student with a brilliant mind. When a cutting edge experiment goes wrong, he’s left with an unusual result that tests the strength of his relationship with his lover. In Aidee Ladnier’s The Applicant, Dr. Forbes Pohle knows interviewing lab assistants can be a tedious process — luckily the malfunctioning robot bear in the other room helps liven things up. Meanwhile, in Kevinium by Diane Sheridan, Matt lusts for hunky housemate Kevin, who sees Matt only as a buddy. Then Kevin invents a new gas that has surprising sexual side effects.

In Test Subjects by M. Durango, an ESP project introduces grad student Evan to sexy professor Marcus, but an equipment glitch may lead to more than they bargain for. GS Wiley gives us Love Potion 3.5, where diner cook Tony loves Marilyn Monroe and his Chrysler New Yorker, but can’t figure out why he’s a flop with chicks until scientist Frank moves in downstairs. Jade Astor’s A Meeting of the Minds, finds Dane, a neuroscientist, studying ESP when he meets Jesse, who claims to be psychic, and seems to know exactly what is on Dane’s mind. Wrapping up the anthology is Bronze by Alexis Hall, where a shy watchmaker turns his talents to the creation of an ideal lover, but where does love begin and programming end?

Where You Least Expect It

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Still getting over a bad breakup, ex-Army computer expert Matt Halston is a bit of a recluse with a strict routine that involves working too much, playing basketball with his best friend, and letting himself be dragged to parties when he’d rather be catching up on sleep. When he meets Christian Flannery, an out-and-proud college student, he’s immediately intrigued and finds himself going out of his way to spend time getting to know Christian.

When Christian makes it obvious that he sees Matt as more than just a friend, Matt is forced to re-examine his sexuality and take an honest look at his feelings. With unintended pressures from his friends and his own confusion, Matt has a tough time working through the challenges. While Matt faces his fears of intimacy, Christian’s facing his own issues paying for school and rent on barista wages. Can these two stubborn men find a common ground or will their obstacles prove insurmountable?

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Christmas Mistletoe

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Ben Warren’s year is ending on a down note: he dumped his two-timing boyfriend, got laid off from his job, and moved home with his parents. Not sure what to do next, he spends the Christmas season working at his family’s Christmas Tree lot, a job he thought he’d left behind years before. When Nick Paine, a former high school track buddy, shows up in search of the perfect tree, Ben thinks it’s just another business transaction. Once Nick makes it obvious his interest is more personal, Ben realizes his year might end on a positive note after all.

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My Secret Valentine

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Valentine’s Day seems like a greeting card holiday designed to bilk people out of their hard-earned money. That’s always been Jeremy’s take; but this year is different. Months after becoming lovers with his twin, Brian, Jeremy finds himself wondering just how this new aspect of their relationship changes things. In addition to battling his own insecurities, Jeremy might have to battle Brian’s sexy — and interested — study partner, as well. Will Jeremy and Brian work out their differences or will their first Valentine’s Day be over before it begins.


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Jerry loves his job as a real estate developer, loves it down to the sawdust and the nails. On weekends, when he’s alone and the site is quiet, Jerry comes to wander the half-finished buildings, to marvel at the changes that occurred in the week, and to appreciate — in his own way — all the things he loves about the work. When a very attractive employee shows up unexpectedly, Jerry has to face facts: he’s busted. Good thing for Jerry he might not be the only one interested in putting in a little overtime.

Dinner and a Movie

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Jeremy and Brian are best friends, roommates, and brothers; they’re inseparable and there are no secrets between them except one. When an old high school nemesis tries to start a bar fight with Jeremy, throwing around his usual insults about their relationship, Brian soothes Jeremy’s frustration and thinks that’s the end of it. But when Jeremy starts avoiding him, Brian has no choice but to push for the truth. Are they so close that they even share the same dark secret they’ve each kept from the other all these years?

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