Writer’s Block

“Writer’s Block” was previously published by Torquere Press, Inc.




Paul sighed as he cleared the screen again. His deadline was days away and creeping closer by the minute, but he still had almost nothing written.

The sound of fingers tapping against his office door caught his attention; he turned to look as his partner, Alex, stuck his head in. “Hey. I brought you a snack.”

Paul slumped back in his chair and leaned his head against the headrest. “Thanks, babe.”

Paul could see the tiny wrinkle of concern on Alex’s brow as he placed a plate of fruit on the desk. Alex leaned over to kiss Paul on the forehead.

“How’s the article?” Alex walked around to the other side of the desk and dropped himself into one of the guest chairs.

Paul shrugged and picked at the fruit on the plate. “I don’t know.”

Alex frowned fully this time. “Stuck?”

“I don’t know… I’m just… Yeah, I guess I’m stuck.”

“Out of ideas stuck or too many ideas stuck?”

“Sick of this project stuck.”

“Maybe you should try to get your deadline extended.”

Paul snorted. “I don’t think that’s an option. Besides, we’re going to miss the paycheck if I put this off.”

“Maybe you need a break. Take a walk or something.”

Paul rubbed his hand across his eyes. “No.”

Alex quirked an eyebrow. “A sandwich? A nap? A blowjob?”

“I don’t need a break, I need to get this piece written. I have a damned deadline,” Paul snapped.

Alex stood up, his hurt clear in the tense lines of his body. “Fine. I’ll leave you alone.”

Crap. Paul hated making Alex feel bad, especially when his lover was trying to help. He tossed his piece of fruit back on the plate and stood up, catching Alex’s arm as he started to leave. “Hey, wait.”

Alex turned to look at him, face a mix of concern and exasperation.

“I’m sorry.” Paul put his arms around Alex, holding him loosely.

Alex slid his hands up Paul’s chest and around his neck. “I know, honey. But I hate to see you stressed like this.”

Paul leaned forward until their foreheads were touching. “I know. But–”

“You have a deadline. I get that, honey, I do. But I also know you can’t work when you get this stressed out.” Alex tilted his head up and kissed Paul, lips warm and soft. “Let me help.”

Paul tightened his arms, pulling Alex closer. He still wasn’t willing to give in, but he was willing to hear Alex out. “What do you have in mind?”

Alex’s smile was part playful, part seductive. He pushed himself out of Paul’s embrace, snagging Paul’s hand with his own as he backed out the door. “Come with me.”

Paul resisted, but even he realized it was half-hearted. “Alex, I need to write.”

Alex rolled his eyes. “Just come on.” He tugged Paul out of the office. Paul followed bemusedly as Alex led him down the hall, up the stairs, and into their bedroom. Maybe Alex was serious about the blowjob.

Alex led him into the room, stopping when they reached the bed. Alex kissed his cheek and started to pull the blankets down to the foot of the bed.

“Strip and lie on your stomach.” It sounded suspiciously like an order.

“Demanding. Whatever happened to romance?”

Alex shot him a look. “Just do it.” He went over to the nightstand where they kept their lotions and lubes. Paul pulled his T-shirt off and saw Alex place a bottle of massage oil on the bedside table, smiling as he undid his pants and finished stripping. He knelt on the middle of the bed and faced Alex, holding his lover’s gaze.

Alex smiled at him, but didn’t move to join him. “Lie down.”

Paul returned the smile. “Yes, dear.”

Paul settled himself in the center of their bed and wrapped his arms around a pillow. He felt the bed dip as Alex knelt next to him.

“I swear, you are so bloody stubborn.” Paul could hear the teasing in Alex’s voice. Alex straddled Paul’s hips, settling himself before opening the bottle of oil.

“I’m not that bad.”

“You’re a pain in my ass.” Alex drizzled the faintly scented oil across Paul’s shoulders.

“I like your ass.”

“Will you be quiet and relax, please?” Alex’s warm hands started to smooth the oil into Paul’s skin.

Paul laughed and let himself settle into the feeling of Alex’s hands moving over his shoulders and neck. It had been ages since they had done this and Paul decided to enjoy it.

“Straighten your neck, baby.” Paul readily complied with Alex’s gentle instruction, shifting slightly to allow Alex better access. Alex worked his neck, moving slowly down to Paul’s tense shoulders, kneading the muscles until they began to loosen. Paul could already feel the tension starting to slip from his body.

“That’s better,” Alex soothed as he started working his way along Paul’s spine. “You get so tense, it’s no wonder you get stuck. You’re holding it all inside.”

Paul’s only response was a soft moan. Alex chuckled. “See, I told you to let me take care of you.”

Paul felt more oil spill onto his back as Alex continued lower, running his hands up and down the length of Paul’s back to sweep across his shoulders and neck before making the same path all the way down to Paul’s lower back. Alex kept his pressure steady, spending time on the most stubborn knots before continuing on.

Paul let himself relax for what felt like the first time in weeks as he let his lover care of him. He really was incredibly lucky… and spoiled. The soft touches were enough to lull Paul to the point where he was almost asleep, senses filled with the feeling of Alex’s hands, the pleasant smell of the oil, and the faint sounds of skin against sheets as Alex moved.

Alex shifted lower, settling between Paul’s legs and starting to work on his hips and ass, working out the kinks that he always got from sitting too long at his computer. Paul could hear Alex’s unspoken admonishment that “you need to get up and walk more, honey,” without Alex saying a word.

Alex kept moving lower, working down each of Paul’s legs, not neglecting an inch. Paul felt his cock start to fill, Alex’s gentle touches along his inner thighs almost a tease. Paul knew Alex wasn’t trying to get him off — not yet, anyway — but the feeling of Alex’s fingertips and the knowledge that Alex knew every single inch of his body, knew exactly what to do to turn him on as much as he knew how to relax him, was damned arousing.

Alex moved from between Paul’s legs, “Roll over and I’ll do your front.” Oh, Alex’s voice was husky. Paul smiled, happy that his lover was getting turned on, too.

Paul rolled, back popping as he stretched, cock filling a little more when he saw Alex staring at him. Paul reached up and grabbed Alex’s shirt, pulling the man down for a kiss. Alex responded eagerly before pushing away.

“Relax, Paul.”

“I’m not tense.”

Alex laughed softly. “Don’t be impatient. I’m not done yet.”

Paul considered pouting, but he wanted Alex’s touches more than he wanted to get to the fooling around.

Alex straddled him once again, keeping his weight on his knees rather than settling onto Paul’s groin.

“Tease,” Paul chided.

“Only if I don’t finish what I started. Besides, you’re supposed to be letting me take care of you, remember?”

“That’s what I’m trying to encourage.” Paul ran his hands up and down Alex’s thighs, but Alex stopped him, placing Paul’s hands back on the bed.

“Here, I’ll compromise,” Alex said as he took off his shirt, the ring in his left nipple catching the light.

“Okay, I’ll accept your offer.” Paul winked.

Alex smirked, obviously trying to suppress a laugh, and shook his head. “At least you’re in a better mood.” Alex leaned down to press a kiss to Paul’s mouth, preventing Paul from apologizing again. Alex knew he could beat himself up over it, if given the chance.

“Now hush and let me continue.” Alex sat up and poured more oil onto his hands, rubbing the slick fluid into his skin.

Paul moaned out loud when Alex reached forward and started rubbing the oil into his forehead and temples. “Lucky” and “spoiled” were no longer adequate to describe how Paul felt. He had no clue what he’d done to deserve Alex, but he certainly hoped he managed to keep doing it.

Alex worked out tension that Paul didn’t even realize he had. Who the hell knew cheeks could get tense?

Once Alex seemed satisfied that Paul’s face was completely relaxed without it actually starting to melt, he moved lower, massaging Paul’s neck and shoulders again, getting out the last of the remaining knots that he’d missed and making sure Paul would never be able to hold his head up again.

Oil was poured over Paul’s chest and stomach, Alex quickly catching the drips that ran down Paul’s sides. Alex used the same sweeping motions on Paul’s chest as he had on his back, stopping when he found a particularly tense spot and using more firm touches on Paul’s pecs than on his stomach.

Paul’s arms were massaged next, his hands held against Alex’s chest as Alex carefully worked on Paul’s fingers and wrists.

Alex laid each hand back on the bed when he was done and leaned forward to place a kiss in the center of Paul’s chest before moving on to his legs. He poured out more oil as he worked on each long thigh muscle, moving his hands carefully to avoid pulling any hairs. Each thigh, calf, shin, even his toes were given the same thorough treatment as the rest of Paul had been, even though Alex’s hands had to be getting tired by now.

As Alex ran out of body parts to massage, Paul let his mind wander to what Alex might do next. He had several ideas that he would be willing to share if Alex seemed at a loss.

Fortunately, his lover was seldom at a loss when Paul was lying naked on their bed.

Alex moved back up the bed, fingers trailing along Paul’s inner thigh, brushing against his balls as Alex leaned close to Paul. “Did I miss anything?”

Paul groaned and arched slightly, suddenly incredibly turned on, all of Alex’s touches combining to make him hard as steel. He spread his legs and encouraged Alex to touch more.

“Maybe a couple of spots.” He freed his hand where it was trapped between them and ran his hand over Alex’s abs and up his chest, making Alex shiver.

“Really? I better fix that.” Alex’s voice was husky. He started to move again when Paul reached out and cupped his erection, tugging at the denim. Alex’s eyes clouded and he thrust into Paul’s hand.

“Take these off,” Paul said.

Alex leaned down and kissed Paul hard, tongue thrusting aggressively into Paul’s mouth. Paul responded by sucking on that tongue and rubbing Alex’s erection as it pulsed against his hand.

Alex broke away suddenly, scrambling to the end of the bed and standing up. Paul could see Alex’s chest rising and falling as he breathed heavily. Alex opened his jeans, moaning as he pushed them and his boxers down.

His hard cock stood out against the paler skin of his stomach, tip red and swollen. Paul reached down to stroke himself.

“Don’t touch. Not yet, honey.” Alex knelt on the bed between Paul’s legs as he spoke. Paul reluctantly let go of his cock and moved his arms above his head, waiting for Alex to touch him again. The anticipation was almost too much and his cock throbbed as if it was beckoning Alex, begging for his hands or his mouth.

Paul cooperated easily as Alex pushed his legs apart and he almost whimpered when Alex bent to place hot kisses on Paul’s inner thighs. Alex kept his touches gentle and teasing, almost like the massage had been but more erotic, making Paul hot without pushing him over the edge.

Alex kissed his way across Paul’s hips and pelvis, avoiding Paul’s erection. Paul could feel Alex’s fingers on his balls, his thighs, his ass. He spread wider, encouraging Alex to touch him everywhere. He knew Alex would, knew Alex would give him exactly what he needed.

Alex moved again, one knee on each side of Paul’s left leg. He kissed Paul’s jaw and neck, nipped at his earlobe. “I want to ride you, honey,” Alex whispered, the combination of Alex’s hot breath and the words making Paul moan. Meanwhile, Alex kept touching and teasing him, still avoiding his dick like he knew how close Paul was — which he probably did, since he was the one who’d put Paul in that state. “Can you wait, honey? Can you wait while I get myself ready?”

“Jesus, Alex. Fuck. Hurry.” Paul moved restlessly, legs rubbing the sheets and Alex’s legs.

Alex kissed his mouth and Paul had the distinct impression that it was a reward. “Easy, honey. Relax; I know what you need.” Alex gave him another kiss before moving to the other side of the bed to grab the bottle of lube. Paul was pretty sure they were both covered in enough massage oil that they didn’t really need it, but he was for damned sure not going to give up the opportunity to watch Alex get ready for his cock. Hell, no; he might be a stubborn jerk sometimes, but he wasn’t stupid.

Paul watched intently as Alex positioned himself facing Paul, legs spread wantonly. Alex slicked his fingers with the lube and held Paul’s gaze as he used his own hand to prepare himself. Paul could just make out Alex’s fingers pushing in and out, as Alex stretched himself. He could definitely see the way Alex’s cock jerked when he hit his gland.

Watching Alex never failed to turn Paul on, but they were both too worked up to wait long.

Finally, Alex slipped his fingers out, his groan barely audible.

“Babe, please.” Paul reached out touch Alex, rubbing his warm skin.

Alex nodded. “Yeah, honey.” He straddled Paul again, rubbing lube along Paul’s prick, making sure he was slick, making him moan and try to thrust in Alex’s hand.

Alex wrapped his fingers around Paul’s cock as he positioned himself, letting the tip of Paul’s prick rub against his hole teasingly before starting to sink down slowly.

So fucking slowly. Paul groaned loudly, fighting to keep still and let Alex control the pace. Alex took him all the way in, thighs flush on Paul’s, balls touching his pelvis. Paul finally lowered his arms, caressing Alex’s arms and chest while Alex mirrored his movements across Paul’s still-slick chest. Paul pulled Alex forward for a kiss, the movement causing Alex’s ass to clench around his cock.

“Fuck, babe. Need you to move.” Paul saw a glint of mischief in Alex’s eyes and thought for a minute that Alex was going to keep teasing him. Fortunately, it seemed Alex was as turned on as Paul was.

After one more sloppy kiss, Alex pushed himself up and started fucking himself on Paul’s cock. He started slowly, rising up and dropping back down, hands braced on Paul’s chest. It didn’t take long for the pace to increase as they settled into a familiar rhythm.

“That’s it, babe. Fuck yourself on my cock.” Paul kept touching his lover, one hand finally settling on Alex’s waist as the other circled his dick. Alex moaned loudly, eyes rolling back in his head as Paul jerked, letting Alex’s own motions guide him.

“Shit, close, Alex. Can’t.” Paul let go of Alex’s cock and wrapped both hands around his hips, thrusting up into him as he slammed down. Alex grabbed his own cock, jerking hard and fast.

“Do it, Paul. Fuck me. Fuck.”

Paul thrust hard, entire body taut as his balls started to spasm and he shot hard, deep in Alex’s ass. He heard Alex’s answering shout and hot drops of come landed on his chest.

When Paul came back to himself, his hands were still wrapped around Alex’s waist and Alex was slumped half over Paul.

“Oh, fuck me.” Paul groaned.

“You’re going to have to wait for me to recover, honey.”

Paul laughed, releasing his grip on Alex’s waist, and rubbed his hands along Alex’s back.

Paul groaned again as Alex moved to lie next to him, the movement causing Paul’s cock to slip from Alex’s body. Alex was still for a moment before pulling the sheet up over them. “Nap with me, then I’ll make you dinner.”

Paul let himself be pulled into Alex’s embrace, curling against the warm body. “‘Kay. But not for too long. Deadlines.”

“I know, honey. Just rest.”


Paul thought he heard Alex chuckle again as he dozed off, but he couldn’t be sure.


Paul closed his document and leaned back in his chair to stretch. A soft knock at the door brought him brought him out of his reverie.

Alex smiled at him. “Hey. How’s the article?”

“Done. You have brilliant timing.”

Alex shrugged, coming to stand in front of his chair. “I know. It’s why you keep me around.”

Paul grabbed Alex’s belt loop and pulled him forward. “One of the reasons. The snacks, the orgasms, the massages, they all help your cause.”

Alex smiled as he kissed him. “So does that mean you’ll listen to me next time I tell you to take a break?”

Paul laughed. “Probably not. But, hey, I thought you liked a challenge.”

Alex looked at him thoughtfully, “That would explain a lot, wouldn’t it?” Alex kissed him again. “Tell me you don’t have another crazy deadline looming.”

“I’m actually considering more deadlines. After all, the last one got me well fucked and a massage.

Alex laughed and poked him in the ribs. “Very funny. You are kidding, right?”

Paul just laughed.

(C) 2010 by M. Durango

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