Bailey & Curt return!

Got the cover for the upcoming Conversation Hearts Anthology with Torquere Press. My story, “Hearts & Cake” is the third installment in Bailey & Curt’s story. Of course, I forgot to pimp their second story, “Home for Christmas,” so here it is:


To make up for his aborted Thanksgiving trip, Curt travels to Chicago to spend Christmas with his family, but even the whirlwind of activity can’t keep him from missing Bailey. Once he’s back home, he invites Bailey for a quiet dinner, which leads to a lusty reunion. Is Curt alone in thinking this is the start of something special, or was Bailey missing him, too?

You can find it at the usual places: Torquere, Amazon, All Romance

Hearts & Cake releases on 12/12 as a stand-alone and part of the Conversation Hearts Anthology.



Bailey and Curt have been dating for almost three months. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but a case of nerves causes Bailey to wait until the last minute to invite Curt for dinner. Curt’s less than enthusiastic response isn’t what Bailey was hoping for. Frustrated by Curt’s mixed signals, Bailey finally pushes Curt to decide if he can balance his career and his love life.

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