Last Dance by Lee Benoit: A Review by M. Durango

Last Dance by Lee Benoit

Review by M. Durango

I loved this sweet and hopeful story. We first met the protagonist, Suyai Tucker-Neyen, as a baby in Haven, but now he’s all grown up, teaching high school, and advising the LBGT student group, the Rainbow Posse. Last Dance takes place on Prom Night and when Suyai realizes none of the Rainbow Posse are dancing, he knows it’s up to him to set the example. The one challenge is, he’s dateless and — so far as he knows — is the only gay teacher at Sister City Central. Lucky for Suyai, new math teacher Trevor Ellis is more than willing to be Suyai’s partner.

The author cleverly weaves Suyai’s own search for love around the around the It Gets Better theme, letting him serve as an example to his students while navigating the adult social and dating world. The reader is subtly reminded that there’s still work to be done through the careless words by one of Suyai’s colleagues, a situation that Suyai handles with poise.

Overall, there’s a strong sense of Suyai’s world and extended family in Sister City, including a brief glimpse into Tadeo and Haven’s life. The ending was a perfect fit as it looks towards Suyai and Trevor’s future with just the right amount of romance.

About the Author

Before dawn and after dark, Lee Benoit is a writer of queer fiction, some contemporary, some speculative, some historical. During the daylight hours she is a professor of sociology & anthropology. In the old days, Lee traveled the world doing field research. Nowadays, she lives in the middle of a New England hayfield where being a two-spirit single parent provides more than enough excitement. Lee also paints watercolors, bakes wild-yeast sourdough bread, rears guinea fowl, and shares her bed with a pair of cats and an abjectly adoring hound-retriever mutt. Whenever she gets itchy feet and misses the world of research and advocacy, Lee invents a new world in her head and takes notes on what happens there.

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