What’s new?

What’s new, you ask? My new Sip, Overtime, was just published by Torquere Books; I have to say, I love the blurb:

Jerry loves his job as a real estate developer, loves it down to the sawdust and the nails. On weekends, when he’s alone and the site is quiet, Jerry comes to wander the half-finished buildings, to marvel at the changes that occurred in the week, and to appreciate — in his own way — all the things he loves about the work. When a very attractive employee shows up unexpectedly, Jerry has to face facts: he’s busted. Good thing for Jerry he might not be the only one interested in putting in a little overtime.

Meanwhile, I’m wrapping up the day job for my two-week vacation, most of which will be spent in New Jersey, writing porn, er romantic fiction. Featuring hot guys. Having sex. Also, hanging out hanging out on the Boardwalk (me, not the hot guys) trying to win cute baby Mets gear for my new niece who I’ll get to meet for the first time.

Let’s see, what else? I have the office almost completely set up now, so that should help the productivity. My friend Rob, who’s an artist, is working on creating business cards for me.

We’re kegging a new beer  – a cherry porter named Black Forest III (and by "we" I mean me sitting on the couch typing this entry watching Bill through the doorway). Black Forest II was brewed in June 1997, so this was well overdue, considering it’s a great recipe.

And I’m setting up RSS feeds on Google Reader to try (once again) to find a convenient, all-in-one-place way to follow the blogs / livejournals / news sites that I follow.

One of my other goals for this week (along with packing and buying new shorts) is to finally set up my page on GLBT Bookshelf page.

And now – back to writing!

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