Question of the day

The SO is in Mississippi this week for work, and I’ve had a fairly light workload from the day job. My goal was to spend as much time working on writing as possible to try and knock out a chunk of Hot Summer Nights. So I’m wondering … does spending hours reading LJ and Jessewave’s blog count? It’s research, right? I mean, all those writing magazines and books stress the point of staying up-to-date on your craft and your genre.

I’ve also watered the garden and started the dishwasher. And told some poor kid trying to sell Kirby vacuums that no, in fact, I was really not interested in a demonstration of their insanely over-priced product. True, it would have gotten me out of actually having to vacuum, but I just can’t go there. Now, if he had been a cute little gay boy….oh, there goes a plot bunny. Damn it.

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