Reagan in ’08?

So I had this incredibly disturbing dream where apparently the 22nd Amendment was radically different; rather than the "no more than 2 terms or ten years" rule, someone could serve more terms if they were non-consecutive terms.

So we reelected Reagan for a third non-consecutive term. I assume this was in 2008, because I’m pretty sure Obama was in the dream somehow. The dream glossed over the Alzheimer’s, and the, you know, death factor.

I had one of those disturbing moments waking up and thinking the dream was true for a minute.

And, yes, I did actually think about the Amendment in my dream. I am that much of a nerd.

Spell check options:

Obama Ob ama, Ob-ama, ABM, IBM, AMA, Abeam, ABMs, Asama, ABA, Baum, Omar, Beam, Alma, Obs, AM, Abba, Am, BM, OB, Ob, Obadiah, Bomb, Boom, Om, Abra, Abram, Burma, Irma, Barmy, Iamb, Ob’s, Occam, Ame, Ami, Amy, BMW, Eba, Ema, OMB, Oby, Bum, Obi, Ohm, Obj, Abramo, IBM’s, Ebba, Emma, Erma, Obie, EBay, Obey, Oboe, Alabama
alzheimers Alzheimer’s, Alzheimer, Elohim’s

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